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Be Awesome at Money

For Business Owners Who Want More


Living paycheck-to-paycheck is hard…your business living paycheck-to-paycheck on top of that feels downright impossible. 

But how would it feel to be Awesome at Money? 

Would you sleep better at night?

Pay yourself more?

Focus more on the things in your business that light you up?

But right now, you’re feeling not so great at money, right?

Maybe you even have that heart palpitating, panicked feeling like you’re drowning and never going to figure this money stuff out!

And it sucks so bad!

It makes it so that all you can do is worry about money even though you know that bad energy is like bad juju and is definitely NOT helping the situation.

I’ve been there, felt that crushing feeling as I worked so hard to make money in my business, but could never seem to get ahead, paying myself less than minimum wage, and being so nervous about tax time because I could barely keep $100 in the bank let alone pay a tax bill!

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Guess what?

I figured out the solution to this and I want to share it with you!

I want to show you the ropes and work alongside you to implement the same system I use in my business that increased my paycheck 500% without my revenue increasing!!

The system that doesn’t require budgeting like a spreadsheet fanatic or trying to move money around 5+ bank accounts!

The system that will help you become Awesome at Money so you can feel in control, get paid more, and even have money set aside for taxes with almost no effort.

The first step on your journey to financial freedom! 

How it’s going down!

This isn't just a course where you're left to figure it all out on your own. Money is not the place to strap on your helmet and head into DIY territory!

I'll be with you every step of the way providing support, encouragement, and accountability.

Here's what you get:

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12 Week Video Course
Broken down into bite-size videos with action steps every week to get the system set up and working for you!

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Weekly Group Zoom Calls
Get your questions answered, coaching as needed, and learn from other people's money situations.

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Private Facebook Group
A place to share, encourage, and get accountability on your journey! You can also ask questions in the group anytime you need it! 

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12 Weekly One-on-One Calls

Get personal coaching for added privacy and more hands on help implementing the system and transforming your money!

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12 Weeks of Voxer Access

Get your quick questions answered without having to wait for your next coaching call. Or just enjoy having someone to talk to about your money for once 😊


What we’ll be covering:

The System
Designed to take just 5 minutes/week to maintain. Works with any number of bank accounts. Makes managing money a breeze!

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Paying You MORE
What’s the point of being an entrepreneur if you don’t get paid? You’ll learn how to up your paycheck and make it consistent!

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The Anti-Budget
The trick that makes saving money and having your money support your financial goals easy peasy!

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F*ck Debt Plan
You’ll learn which debt to focus on first and how to pay it off quickly so your money isn’t being wasted on interest.

Ready to become Awesome at Money?

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Let’s look at some numbers…

While I don’t know what situation you are currently in, I’m guessing you’re spending a good deal of the money coming in and wish you could increase your pay.

I definitely think you can do way more than this, but I’m going to be conservative with our numbers so you can see how possible it is to recoup your cost.

Let’s say your business makes $75,000. If we can cut your expenses by just 10% of your revenue (which is usually easier than you think)…

You would save $7,500 in one year!

Now if you can reach your goal percentages you could be:

Paying yourself $33,750!

That’s $2,812.50 net (after taxes!!) every single month! No more feast and famine! That’s roughly the equivalent of working a full-time $20/hour job…except you’re doing what you love and not chained to a 9-to-5!

Have a tax honeypot with $15,000!

Can you say no tax time freakout? And potentially even a tax refund from yourself 😉

And an additional $3,750 for you to give yourself bonuses from or reinvest in the business!

Say goodbye to struggling to keep $500 bucks in the bank ✌️

So is $997 worth it?

That’d be a yes from me!

But you do you ;)

Not sure if Awesome at Money is right for you?

Let’s schedule a call to get your questions answered and see if it’s what you’re looking for!


The Anti-Budget Mini Course

Frustrated with money and tired of feeling like you’re missing something that everyone else seems to know?

💥 The FREE Anti-Budget mini course turns conventional financial “wisdom” (that doesn’t work) on it’s head so you can start making progress toward your financial goals 💥