Lesson 1

When Your Finances Work Together

Before we jump in, I think it’s important for you to know something.

Your business and personal finances are NOT separate from each other!

In terms of accounting — yes, you definitely should have separate bank accounts and keep all your income and expenses for your business separate from personal.

But in terms of financial freedom (what The F Words is all about!), they work together.

It’s kind of like marriage. You keep your separate identities, but work together to reach your mutual goals like a house, kids, or…amazing sex 😏

Personal finances are good, but business finances are bad, you won't reach financial freedom

If your personal finances are all good, but your business is losing money…

it ain’t happening!

Business finances are good, personal finances are bad, you won't reach financial freedom

And likewise, if your business is raking it in but your personal finances are a nightmare, you can kiss the idea of financial freedom goodbye!

You can only reach financial freedom when your business finances and personal finances are working

On the other hand, when you know exactly what financial freedom means for you personally, and your business and personal finances are working together to accomplish your financial goals…success is inevitable!

So how do we make that happen?

p.s. We have the Awesome at Money program that focuses on BOTH your business and personal finances! We work together to create a COMPLETE money management system that will get you on the road to financial freedom quickly!

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